SIdP Guidelines

The guidelines, created by the italian society of periodontology, should be read and considered totally. It is clear as these guidelines cannot include all the possible types of therapies, to obtain equivalent results. The proposed procedures are those with scientific literature support , expressed also in the various degree of power of the recommendations. The creation of these guidelines has been formed as following:

  1. “Periodontology" dicipline has beed divided in chapters
  2. every chapter has been given to a commission formed by active and ordinary members
  3. Commisions did a systematic literature research, using electronic sources, texts, and available journals
  4. every Commission gave to the executive board a text together with literature.
  5. responsables of the Commissions and the Executive Board created a proposal for the guidelines, based on the presented text.
  6. SIdP Active Members have discussed and delivered such proposal
  7. The delivered guidelines were send to all Active Members, for any eventual correction.
  8. the final test of the guidelines was approved from the Assembly of the Active Members

The Periodontology guideline is made of an Introduction, decision tree (table 1) and by 7 chapters:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. ause-related therapy
  3. non surgical mechanical therapy (root planing)
  4. farmacological therapy
  5. surgical therapy
  6. surgical therapy for pocket elimination
  7. regenerative surgical therapy
  8. mucogingival surgery
  9. Implant therapy
  10. Periodontal support therapy

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