SIdP Projects

In the recent years SIDP developed education projects on single topics, based on conferences and/or courses with the same contents in terms of text and images, delivered in several editions throughout Italy and sharing the followings topics: Diagnosis, Implants, therapy, video education, Periomedicine, Life style.

SIdP, always follows its mission, and in order to give a contribution to the quality and safety of the therapies for italian people, created for the years 2014-2015 a Project of communication and information to the Italian Dentists with the topic: Quality and Safety in Periodontal and Implant Surgery. The project will give to the dentist a model on how to organize the dental office, so to give the patients a minimal standard of safety and quality in periodontal and implant surgery. The model is summarized into a check-list that codifies the procedures for planning, preparing, doing and managing in the post-op such procedures.