Quality and Safety in Periodontal Surgery and in Implantology

 A new SIDP project

Oral surgery is the most frequent invasive procedure applied to population. These procedures are today applied in almost all dental offices in Italy, sometimes in situations occasionally critic.

The Italian Society of Periodontology and Implantology in accordance to its social aim and statute, launches a communication and information project to all italian dentists to better make contribution to a general improvement in surgical treatment quality and in italian population health.

The project of the Society is studied to obtain better results in oral surgery and is aimed at reducing incidence of post-operative morbidity in specialized and also general dental offices; it is also performed to inform population and Patients that in Italy we have several professionals engage d in improving for their patients’ safety.


These are the aims of this important project:

  • to define voluntary standards for dentists to better work in a context able to improve efficacy of surgical procedures and to reduce the probability of complications, pain and patient discomfort;
  • to offer a real opportunity of training in surgical procedure to improve general surgical competence in quality and safety issues overall for all dentists and oral surgeons;
  • to form dentists to regularly follow a registered and pragmatic workflow during: surgical procedure planning, patient preparation, surgical instruments and surgical room correct definition and preparation, managing post surgical phases and related eventually complications
  • to identify quality elements and offer a self-assessment and certification path having authoritative features for the patient

The project beginner on May, 10 2014 with many corse in several italian cities like Milan, Rome, Naples and Genova and is continuing throughout the country