SEPA ESADE-Advanced Dental Practice Management Programme 

 Advanced Dental Practice Management Programme 



Increased competition and the current economic crisis have brought about an unfavorable business climate for dental practices, but also have had a positive effect on the wider social consciousness concerning dental hygiene and health issues, the development of dental insurance policies
and new developments in the sector, among others.
In this complex environment it has become more and more necessary for dental practice managers and partners to be open and receptive to identifying new opportunities in the market, and to know how to carry out activities which capitalize on bringing value to the patient and the development of sustainable advantages in the face of competition.


It is addressed to dental practices partners and managers who wish to improve their management skills and capabilities, and for all those who wish to grow their business with resource innovation and optimization.


Learning by doing approach: active participation, exercises and case discussion.
The methodology is soundly practical, working with case studies and in parallel developing a solid conceptual framework.

  • • “The reality of the Star Smile Dental Clinic” case
  • • “Motivating the team of Star Smile Dental Clinic” case
  • • “Investing in Star Smile Dental Clinic“ case
  • In addition to the case method, which encourages participation and reflection
  • by “learning by doing”, there will be the following types of activities in each session:
  • • Testimonials that employ “best practices” in the development and
  • execution of the topics touched on during the sessions.
  • • Workshops developed using these best practices.
  • • Seminar on Management skills.