Life Member

All Active Members who, for health reasons or age limits, they stop working and who have been members of SIdP, as active members, for a period of at least 10 years be long to this category.


Life Member  doesn’t pay the annual membership fee.

Life Member may participate to the Annual Meeting, may attend the Active Member Meeting , but lose the right to vote.

Active member who wishes to become a Life Member must submit detailed request to the Secretary who will submit it to the Esecutive Board for its final decision.

Sergio BARONE Monfrin, Turin Italy
Pier Luigi Caruso, Cagliari Italy 
Matteo D'Angelo, Palermo Italy
Carlo Mazzocco, Padova Italy
Renato Parodi, Genoa Italy
Carlo Alberto Pejrone, Turin Italy
William Petrilli, Rome Italiy
Laura Strohmenger, Milan Italy
Fabio Toffenetti, Gallarate Italy


Honorary Members

This category is reserved to those who with their scientific contributions have given particular luster or development to Periodontology. The proposed as honorary member is made by the Presidential Council who shall submit for its approval to the Active Members. Honorary Member is not required to pay the annual membership fee.

Honorary Member may participate to the Annual Meeting, may attend the Active Member Meeting, but does not have the right to vote.

Umberto BAR, Turin Italy
Niklaus LANG, Berna Switzerland
PierLuigi MASI, Siena
Anthony H. MELCHER, Toronto Canada
Mariano SANZ, Madrid Spain